McMinn Central Coach Johnny Morgan Moves Closer to Milestone After Another Successful Season

Englewood, TN-(WDEF-TV) The McMinn Central girls basketball team saw their season end a little sooner than they wanted, losing in the sub-state over the weekend.
But it proved to be another successful year for long time Chargerettes coach Johnny Morgan. McMinn Central won 23 games, and as News 12’s Angela Moryan reports, it gets Morgan closer to an incredible victory milestone.

You can’t help but notice the quiet calm of a Chargerettes practice. No whistles. No music. But no less motivation to win.

Said Morgan: “We don’t have music because for the most part they don’t get fired up listening to Dolly Parton, or Merle Haggard or Conway Twitty, so that’s what I’m going to be listening to when I get in the truck to go home.”

Coach Johnny Morgan has spent 45 years at McMinn Central doing one thing — winning. The TSSAA Hall of Famer is less than 20 games away from one thousand wins.

Said Morgan: “How long do you want to coach? There’s not a number out there. How many wins you want to have? All of them. … When we won the 900th, somebody said, ‘Are you going to try to get 1,000?’ And my first thought was, ‘No, I’m going to try to get 901.’ I know you hear it so much in sports, play one game at a time. But I never go into a game thinking I’m going to lose.”

Said guard Carsi Baity: “He expects a lot from us. He expects everything from us every single minute of every single practice and every single game, and I think that pushes us to be our best 100 percent of the time.”

Winning has become a family tradition.

Said Baity: “My aunt played for him. My mom played for him. I know a lot of people who have played for him. So it’s crazy that I’m able to do that too.”

Said guard Kellam Baker: “It seems like almost everyone has played for him. One day we had like all the former Chargerettes come out and there was tons of them, and you know everyone that’s played for him and they have great stories about him.”

Said Baity: “He’s done the same thing for 45 years, and we’ve been a winning team for 45 years. So I think that’s really insane that he’s able to do the same thing over and over and over again and people still can’t beat him.”

Said Morgan: “Some people they win with the zone, some people win with the man to man. I found out a long time ago, let’s win with simple. … I’ve said this for years, it’s got to be the greatest place in the world to coach, just because of the people that’s here and the community and how supportive they are of it. It’s been great.”

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