McMinn County and Bradley Central face off for the 89th consecutive year

(WDEF) – Tonight, the Cherokees and Bears faced off for the 89th consecutive year.

McMinn county fans didn’t let a little rain get them down but the score might need change there minds. Bears up 6-0 with McMinn in scoring range, but the Bears close the door on the Cherokees run game so the Cherokees put the ball in the hands of Bradly Hayes to throw he is rolling out looking for a receiver but can’t find one. He gets brought down by Mason Mitchell for a sack that’s a turn over on downs.

Bears ball – Cole Copland has some pressure in his face and takes off for a nice gain before finally being taken down. A few plays later Copeland doing it with his arm – this time he air mails one to Nick Howell,  who turns on the speed and shakes and bakes his way down inside the 10.

Bears looking to make it a 2 score game. Copleand rifles one to Devin Moore, who drops it he knows that was a big drop but the Bears still have another shot .

4th down, now Copeland looking for the end zone he rolls left and sees nothing. But Cherokee defender then rolls right. Still going through his reads, telling his receivers to move, he finally finds Trevon Hill and guns one in. But Hill can’t pull it in and lets it hit the grass. McMinn County makes the red zone stop to keep it close, but the Bears would roar the rest the way.

Bradley Central wins it 39-7.

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