McMinn County Sheriff Speaks About Officer Involved Shooting

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- A combined officer-involved shooting, arson and homicide in McMinn County has the community disturbed.

Today, we talked to the Sheriff who says that the scene was something out of Afghanistan.

“My whole career, I’ve probably never seen anything like this in this area”, these are his thoughts after an officer involved shooting on County Road 288 left one woman dead.

On Friday, deputies encountered Roger Bransonwho was holding his wife hostage in a home.

Sheriff Guy says that his officers did everything that they could to control the situation.

Even while battling so many different elements.

“With rain and fire. Burning buildings every where and you’re in a gun battle as well. All of those things taking place at the same time. Plus you have to keep your eye on all of the officers that are moving with you and doing all off the dynamic things that are involved in that”, says Sheriff Guy. 

Neighbors that witnessed the whole ordeal are troubled by the situation.

A neighbor who didn’t want to be identified says, “It’s just a peaceful area out here and all of a sudden, things go crazy. It’s kind of disturbing sometimes.”

Sheriff Guy says that the dynamics of keeping the community safe have changed over the years. 

“It’s  just a different world that we live in. I know that I’ve been in office for ten years and this will be our third officer involved shooting.”

Sheriff Guy is happy that none of his Deputies were injured.

“Most of us feel as though if we can make it through our terms of office and some point retire or leave office without losing an officer, then that is really all that we can hope for. In an increasingly dangerous world, that is harder and harder to do.”


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