McNabb Center earns $414,000 grant to aid the homeless

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)-The McNabb Center has been awarded $414,000 to aid the homeless in the greater Chattanooga area.

The funds are coming from the Tennessee Housing Development Agency through an Emergency Solutions Grant thanks to a collaborative effort.

“The McNabb center having specialties in mental health and substance abuse we were asked specifically to not only join with the current partners who are doing homeless outreach but also to provide supportive counseling right out in the community,” said Lodato.

Gayle Lodato with the McNabb Center said this money will allow the Center to offer homeless outreach services for the next two years in Hamilton, Bradley, McMinn, and Meigs counties.

“Because it’s a regional homeless coalition there are other counties which don’t have as much support in terms of rehab housing and homeless prevention and homeless outreach. Chattanooga has a lot but the surrounding counties do not,” said Lodato.

She said the McNabb Center helps those in need both physically and mentally.

“What we try to do is meet the individuals or the families where they are at. We’re not coming at it as high we’re a mental health provider. Let’s get some services. It’s more hey what’s going on? What would you like to see different,” said Lodato.

Lodato said affordable housing is extremely difficult right now and coming out of the pandemic has made making ends meet even hard for some.

“People struggling with being able to live even just paycheck to paycheck. We have a lot of individuals in our community doing that. And certainly, this pandemic has unfortunately not done much to improve that situation,” said Lodato.

Lodato said there is no wrong door to open. By that, she means there are multiple ways to gain help. You can visit our here for more information.

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