Medical Examiner Testifies Fentanyl Patch On Child’s Body Was No Accident

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Prosecutors took most of Wednesday questioning a Hamilton county medical examiner in the trial of a baby sitter.
Jaqueline Escareno is charged in the overdose death of a 23 month old boy in 2014.

Was it just an accident –or a deliberate action on the part of baby-sitter Jaqueline Escareno?
Prosecutors in Judge Don Poole’s court brought their best witness to the stand early in the morning–and he was still there in late afternoon.
Escareno is charged with criminally negligent homicide in the death of 23 month Demarcus Bryant.
The child was found dead in a crib, with a fentanyl patch on his body.
Prosecutor Leslie Longshore questioned the medical examiner.

STEVEN COGSWELL,M.D., ASSISTANT MEDICAL EXAMINER “Where was that patch located? There was right mid-back..approximately this area just underneath the shoulder blade.”

Defense attorney Lloyd Levitt told the jury the patch was an accident and that it had actually come from the arm of Ms. Escareno who was treating a back ailment.
He said she was giving the boy a bath at the time.

LLOYD LEVITT, DEFENSE ATTORNEY “ some extent your conclusion that this patch was deliberately on the child is some speculation on your part…would you agree with that? I would not use the term speculation. I would use reasonable summation of the actual evidence. Speculation is a bit far.”

Ms. Escareno is a great aunt of Demarcus and was baby sitting him and his 4 year old sister at the time of the incident.
The mother, Sarah Bryant was told about the death of the child the following morning.

DR. COGSWELL “In this case, the presence of the fentanyl patch ..with its characteristics of how it was adhered to the body, is not something that in my opinion would be accidentally or unintentionally placed.”

That trial continues Thursday morning in Hamilton county criminal court.

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