Medicare Open Enrollment spam calls

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee- “I hate it when those people call me they’re like the devil of the earth I hate them so much.”

Medicare open enrollment is open through December 7th and with that, comes Medicare spam calls.

“My phone goes all the time more aggravating than anything else is when I go to answer it and then it’s just a loop and there’s no voice and it’s just a big waste of time you can’t even say leave me alone.” said Nancy Beres.

Beres said she gets roughly five spam calls a day and they usually are at the most inopportune time.

“Unfortunately, I had some medical calls I was expecting so when I didn’t recognize the number and it wasn’t in my phonebook I picked it up just in case and it was never what I wanted.” said Beres.

President of the Chattanooga Better Business Bureau Jim Winsett said Beres isn’t alone. He said this time of year he hears about numerous Medicare scams calls. He says there is an easy way to spot a scam call.

“Medicare is not going to solicit or contact you direct about the choices you have to make those things are typically done online or on the ongoing motion for the services you’ve had over the previous year,” said Winsett.

“It’s super annoying and makes them have to get up and step away from what they’re doing,” said Hunter Swanson.

“It’s lunchtime or dinner time that’s when they all start coming in and it’s just a real aggravation,” said Beres.

Winsett wants to remind people if it sounds to go to be true it probably is.

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