Meet April “Do the Right Thing” winner: Annette Kutilek

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) U.T.C. nutrition student Annette Kutliek couldn’t believe she was this month’s winner.

She said, “This is wonderful. I mean, I come out here to volunteer and I get paid $500? Uh, I’ll take it. I’ll take it.”

Kutilek volunteers every other week to help promote healthy eating and good nutrition. She added, “I am a firm believer in we are what we eat, so whatever we put into our body, it’s decision that we make everyday and so if we can provide our bodies with healthy foods, we’ll be able to function better as people.”

She’s only been volunteering for about three months, but Food Bank officials say she’s already made a huge impact.

Elizabeth Weidenaar serves as the Director of Communications and Corporate Relations for the Chattanooga Area Food Bank. She said, “The work she’s doing is just a huge support of our work to promote better nutrition in our region. We believe that it’s not only about feeding people but promoting better nutrition and impacting their lives more holistically.”

Kutilek greets community members who come in to get emergency food with a tasty and healthy snack and easy to follow recipe. Kutilek said, “A lot of people have the misconception that it’s super expensive to eat healthy, or it doesn’t taste well to eat healthy, but I’m kind of here to show people that it’s actually very inexpensive if you have the right tools and it can taste good as well.”

Kutilek fits perfectly into the Chattanooga Area Food Bank’s new commitment to healthy eating by offering more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Weidenaar said, “In the last three years we’ve increased our distribution in that area by 220%. Which has an impact on how we do our work, but again we’ve been able to do it with volunteer support, like Annette.”

Her pineapple carrot muffins make everyone’s job a lot tastier, and Kutilek added, “They’re mainly sweetened by the pineapple, so yeah, it’s a healthier way to eat something tasty.”

Weidenaar added, “We love our volunteers!”

Click here if you’d like to learn more about becoming a volunteer.

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