Meet the crew working behind the scenes on MacGyver

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – While it’s true actors usually get the glory when it comes to new TV shows like MacGyver, plenty of people work tirelessly behind the scenes.

Last week while in Duluth, Ga. News12 got the chance to talk to the behind the scenes people working to make MacGyver one of CBS’s newest hit shows.

Costume Designer Nadine Haders said, “I get a script every week and I’m like, ‘Oh God. So we’re doing that, okay. We’re going to do that,’ and you just kind of throw yourself into it and get it done.”

Stunt Coordinator Jeff Wolfe added, “It’s a lot of responsibility. I was like, MacGyver really? 2016 okay. It’s a lot of responsibility but it’s super exciting and It’s going to be a great show.”

Of course most of the attention gets focused on the actors, but it takes a lot of people to make a show like MacGyver.

Prop Master Kate Guanci explained, “It takes a lot of brain power. (laughs) It does. It’s exhausting by the end of the day. But I do it because I love it.”

Guanci, Haders, Wolfe and Casting Director Mark Fincannon are just a few of the people who make sure MacGyver makes it to air this Friday.

Fincannon said, “MacGyver is particularly fun because we get to go all around the world. I mean every script that I pick up is, I’m hanging on because it’s like the old Bond movies, where are we going this week? Right? So we’ve already been to Caracas. we’ve been to Malaysia, we’ve been to Portugal, so my challenge is to, particularly for MacGyver, is finding authentic actors to those parts of the world.”

Haders added, “Every week we’re in a different country with different clothes and you know, trying to figure it all out and shoot it all in eight days is quite a challenge, yeah.”

If the actors touch it, it’s called a prop. If it just sits there, it’s set dressing. (1:31)

Prop Master Guanci added, “We did a gas mask out of a 2-liter bottle, we did a syringe out of an eye dropper and some dental floss and a pen. We’ve done everything from things that are small like that to giant biohazard bombs that live in the back of a military truck.”

Another challenge is to keep the feel of the show Americans fell in love with in the 80s.

Wolfe added, “We’ve already gone off of helicopters onto the back of trucks and kicked people off of moving trucks and repelled onto trains and we’re five episodes in, so it’s a huge difference from what they did then.”

Georgia has the infrastructure. Lee Thomas serves as the Deputy Commissioner of the Georgia Film, Music and Digital Entertainment Office. She said, “We put in place a good incentive in 2008 and we’ve gone from in 2007 we were at $244 million worth of economic impact and in 2016 we are at $7 billion.”

That makes Georgia the third busiest filming location in the United States.

Fincannon added, “Basically our role is to do everything we can to find as many roles in every episode that we can here, we save money, but at the end of the day we’re going to have the best actor we can possibly find and then bring them from wherever we need to, because it’s going to be the best show on television.”

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