Meet “Do the Right Thing” July winner: Deacon William Copeland

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – Our ambush left Deacon William Copeland nearly speechless.  A rare feat, we’re told.
        He said, "Doing the right thing. Thank god, thank god, this is a blessing and will be used for the Kingdom of God."
        The Reverence Dr. Steve Caudle said, "Deac is a guy who’s well-deserving of this honor.  The commitment that he has to this community and the church is unquestioned."
        The Deacon listed on the cornerstone of Greater Second Baptist Church takes his calling seriously.  In addition to teaching Sunday School, Deacon Copeland spearheads the Shepherd’s Table free hot meal program every Friday.
        Deacon Copeland explained, "We have been deputized by the Lord to take care of the poor, and we do our best to follow the word of the Lord."
        Reverend Caudle added, "It gives people something to look forward to on Friday, to come down to fellowship, and especially for these kids during the summer."
        True to form, Deacon Copeland said he will give his winnings right back to the Shepherd’s Table.
        Alex Brown takes advantage of the free hot meals.  He said, "It’s wonderful.  Me and him are friends.  He took me under his wing.  He’s like my Pop.  Told me to come back to Jesus and get my life together, and that’s what I’m doing."
        Willie Tubbs also enjoys the Shepherd’s Table.  He said, "I thank him all the time, for letting him allow this to happen like that.  Yeah, he’s got my vote."
        This is the fifth year he’s overseen the Shepherd’s Table.
        Debbie Caudle is married to the Reverend.  She said, "He is here every Friday, rain or shine doors are always open.  And he ministers to the lives of so many that we may not be able to minister to through the program.  It’s awesome."
        And he expects the absolute best from everybody else, too.

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