Meet June’s ‘Do the Right Thing’ winner: Joyce Bryson

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) –  When we surprised June ‘Do the Right Thing’ winner Joyce Bryson, this was her reaction: "No way!  For doing something I enjoy?"
        The Ronald McDonald House volunteer was bowled over by her nomination and win.  She added, "I’ve never won anything like this in my life.  This is great!  Excuse the tears."
        The surprised volunteer thought she was coming in to get her picture taken in honor of the House’s 25th anniversary.
        Bryson was quick to talk about her relationship with the House.  She said, "I lost both of my parents and then I had a grandson that actually passed away when he was six, and his mom used the Ronald McDonald House here and also in Atlanta.  This is a stress reliever for me.  I can leave my regular job and come here and it’s just like, walking through those doors, it’s great."
        Ronald McDonald House marketing coordinator Victoria Tropiano nominated Bryson.   She said, "Joyce has been such a great volunteer over the years, I mean she doesn’t just volunteer here at the House, she is always so active in all of our events."
        So much so, she quickly decided exactly what she would do with her winnings.
        Bryson said, "This $500 is paying for a night here for a family at Ronald McDonald house."
        Ricky Robbins serves as Volunteer Coordinator at the House.  He said, "She works at all of our events, or most all of our events.  Does very many shifts, worked in our family room for many years. "
        Bryson’s even made volunteering a family affair.  Her grandson Patrick has been volunteering with her at the house for almost five years now.
        Patrick said, "It’s great.  She’s one of the nicest people you will can ever meet.  She’s awesome. Always willing to give back to the community and stuff.  When I grow up I hope to be, you know, just like that."
        We can all see why she’s her grandson’s hero.
        When it came time to hand over some of her winnings to help a family spend a night at the house, the woman working at the counter said, "Joyce has given us part of her winnings to share a night with a family.  And our families greatly appreciate it…  So essentially she’s given us a couple nights for a family she always takes care of when she is here.  Not just, um, at the desk, but when she’s away, too.  So we appreciated her so much.  We love her."
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