Meet March ‘Do the Right Thing’ winner Paul Phillips, Jr.

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – Paul Phillips, Junior spends at least 10 hours a week volunteering at the Community Kitchen, and he has for 21 years.
The devoted Rivermont Presbyterian member was recently honored with a room is his name at the McClellan Shelter for Families.
It didn’t surprise anyone that Phillips wanted to give some of his ‘Do the Right Thing’ winnings to the Community Kitchen. He’s been a volunteer there for 21 years now. Phillips said, “And I’ve seen a big progress going on, and there’s a wonderful group here now that really love the homeless people.”
We caught up with Phillips on the fourth Friday of the month. It just so happens that’s the same day his fellow parishioners at Rivermont Presbyterian Church serve lunch at the Community Kitchen.
Mission work is a crucial part of Rivermont Presbyterian’s ministry. Phillips explained, “Our minister in the sermon said it doesn’t matter what you do today, what you’ve done from the day you were born to today, what matters most is what you do from today until the day you die. And that kind of hit me.”
Fellow church member Becky Troxler said, “Paul’s fantastic. He’s gotten us all to volunteer to come down here and we just enjoy doing it and enjoy seeing him down here.”
Church member Peggy Haralson added, “This is his favorite charity, and I hope I’m speaking for him.”
You can see Rivermont Presbyterian’s and Phillips’ mark on the McClellan Shelter for Families as well. Church elder John Troxler said, “Paul was instrumental in a lot of the work there as well as Rivermont volunteers, and one of the rooms is named after Paul and we’re awfully pleased he got that recognition for his work.”
But Phillips isn’t just resting on his laurels. Even with his name on the wall, he spends about four hours every Wednesday and Friday sorting mail. Phillips said, “There’s a wonderful group here now. Very wonderful.”

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