Meet May “Do the Right Thing” winner: Betty Miree

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Volunteer Betty Miree was okay with losing a hand of Uno to one of the patients at T.C. Thompson Children’s hospital after she found out she was this month’s “Do the Right Thing” winner.

She said, “Being with the kids and everything. Just something I like coming and doing everyday. So I’m here like 5 days a week, and I’m holidays, all the days, it’s just something I just like to do every day so thank you all.”

The dedicated volunteer has made the playroom home for more than a decade now.

Child Life Specialist Lois Simpson said, “She comes in and the first thing she does is make sure the toys are clean and ready to be played with, and she keeps this playroom neat and organized and anything we need her to do, she is willing to do.”

Miree added, “Sometimes the kids and things, they way to come in here and play games with me, and a lot of the games I don’t know. And they say, ‘Okay. We’ll show you. We’ll tell you.’ And then if I mess up, that’s it. ‘We don’t do it that way. I do it this way.'”

Erlanger officials warned us this full-time volunteer does not like taking the spotlight. But that didn’t stop friends and co-workers from singing her praises.

Friend Fifi Ginsberg said, “She’s awesome! We can’t live without her in the playroom. She’s the best, and she’s a good friend, too.”

Simpson echoed, “We love Ms. Betty! That’s it!”

And Ms. Betty will always talk about the kids, “I had one little boy come in here and say, ‘What are you doing?’ I said, ‘Cleaning toys,’ so he said, ‘Why don’t you tell them to get you a vacuum cleaner?’ His father said he just loves vacuum cleaners. I just have a lot of them come in and they’re really funny, you know. So I enjoy. I enjoy every minute.”

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