Meet November “Do the Right Thing” Winner: Mildred Folds

SOUTH PITTSBURG, Tenn. (WDEF) — She cooks, she sews, and she uses those skills to give back.

A North Alabama woman is making a difference by crocheting and donating to people in need.

That’s why Mildred Folds is this month’s Do the Right Thing winner.

Folds has been crocheting since she was just a child.

Now she’s using that hobby to make a difference – donating hundreds of items she makes to people in need.

“I’ve taken Alhambra Temple 100 – these will go to the kids who are in chemo in the Shriners Hospitals in Cincinnati and Lexington, and then I do 25 every year for the Greater Good in Chattanooga, out on Rossville Boulevard, and I do 350 for the Community Kitchen homeless, and then I make lap robes that go to hospice,” Folds said.

It only takes her about an hour to make one of the caps.

“My mother taught me to crochet, and she crocheted fast,” she said. “I had to keep up with her.”

Not only does Ms. Folds crochet, but she uses some of her own money to buy groceries for an area food bank.

She makes a little go a long way.

“I found out I can get 48 gallons of milk in my car, and I get 48 dozen eggs in my trunk. But, you know, I have to do this. God will hold me responsible if I don’t.”

And Folds says despite her age, she’s grateful she can still make a difference.

“Some things I cannot do now, that I used to do, but I can still crochet,” Folds said. “And you do what you can do. If that’s what God wants me to do, I can be happy doing that, and with this, I can have a really good time.”

Says she’s using $100 to buy apples to give to the food bank.

The rest will go toward yarn.

“I have been given much,” Folds said. “I have to give back. And I have to give what I can do.”

If you’d like to donate any yarn or food for Folds’ work, you can drop it off at her church, First Baptist Church of South Pittsburg.

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