Megan Wise Goes Outside: Rock Climbing

This week, our partners at Outdoor Chattanooga sent us out to do something Chattanooga is famous for.
We would be rock climbing at Sunset Rock with the Southeast climbers coalition.
They’re a group who climb together, and also work to conserve natural climbing and bouldering spots throughout the southeast, while at the same time preserving their natural beauty.

Its just all rock climbers band together to make sure we’re doing it right, that we’re taking care of the land.
I was totally enamored with the view off of Sunset Rock, but by now you’ve probably realized I have a small issue with heights.

So what do you think a bout going up there?
Regardless, I decided early on that if I got any higher than 5 feet off the ground, I was marking this one down as a victory.
Are you getting this? This man has my life in his hands.
I made it to my goal.
I was making my way slowly, still growing more anxious with every foot I climbed.
Pretty soon I reached the point at which I knew I could stop and still be proud of myself for getting to.
I didn’t reach the top, unlike our guide Matt who can be seen here casually making his way through my nightmare scenario.
I was still proud though, and very intrigued.
 I wasn’t about to let my fear of heights get the best of me, so we decided to head to High Point climbing gym, a place where I could hone my climbing skills in a somewhat more controlled environment.
Here they not only have rock climbing, but also bouldering facilities, which is a style of climbing closer to the ground with no harness.
I wasn’t sure where to even begin.
Luckily we spotted some people who seemed to have a pretty good grip on this whole bouldering thing, and they were more than willing to give us some pointers.
So you’re all about staying on the colors, but I like changing colors.
No you stay on the same colors.
If you were looking for proof to back up my claim that Chattanooga is famous for rock climbing, look no further
 Ross, here, moved all the way from Columbus, OH to Chattanooga, he says, just for the climbing.
Perhaps bouldering isn’t my thing.
However, when I put the harness back on to try regular climbing once more, I strengthened my resolve and worked through the anxiety.
I even made it to the top a few times.
Looking back on the day I realize that, while reaching the very top of every rock wall would be amazing, it’s still rewarding just to know you tried.
It’s also motivation to go higher the next time, and that’s why I definitely plan on making a hobby out of Chattanooga rock climbing.

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