Megan Wise Goes Outside: Ziplining

     Outdoor Chattanooga suggested we go rafting and ziplining.
     So they put us in contact with Wildwater at the Ocoee.
     They couldn’t have chosen a better group of people to send us out with, but we weren’t sure if we’d even get out the door.

Outdoor Chattanooga had told us exactly where to go for a fun day of ziplining and white water rafting.
Now the only thing blocking our way was Dreanne’s car, which she kindly moved during a commercial break of the morning show, in the middle of windy conditions.
She returned with the elegance and grace you would expect from a professional broadcaster.

"Watch out that might slam back on you. Here I got it.  I got it."

So as Dreanne headed to go back on air sporting the latest in windswept hair design, we trekked on into the fray to our destination, the relatively calm and serene Ducktown, Tennessee.

We were there for a day out with Wildwater, the oldest white water rafting service on the ocoee river, and in my opinion, the most friendly.

First up on the itinerary was a canopy tour. So under the direction of our guides, Shawn Lanier and I got suited up for the experience.

We were told safety comes first at wild water, so proper training is always a prerequisite for fun.

It’s worth mentioning that there has never been an accident at Wildwater canopy tours, and they say it’s their goal to keep it that way.

We had the finer points of ziplining down, it was time to head to our first line.

Megan: I’m slightly terrified
Shawn: At least you’re slightly
Megan:No but look we’re like over top of trees right now.
Shawn I’m going to lose the little breakfast I had.
Megan: Oh my god I should not of ate breakfast.
Shawn: Which was cinnamon toast crunch.
Megan: What?
Guide 1: On line Zach
Guide 2: Ok Natasha
Guide 1: Ok you’re good to go when you’re ready.
Guide 3:Just sit down when you’re ready.
Megan: Oh god, ok.
Guide 3: You’re going to put your weight on the harness and just slide on out.
Megan That just sounds so simple. Oh ok. Is everyone ready?
Guide 3: and whenever you’re ready just go ahead and sit down for me and then we’re just gonna go.
 Megan Oh yep we’re just gonna go.
Guide 3: Yep so just step off.
Megan: Just step off
Guide 1: Lift your legs up
Megan: Alright see you later
Guide 3: 3..2..1.. launch
Megan: ok bye, Oh my god!

It was nowhere near as terrifying as I expected it to be.

And Shawn Lanier did in fact get to keep his cinnamon toast crunch.

The course only got more exciting as we went, and all in all it was a great way to start our day with Wildwater.

   Next week, Shawn and Megan will go whitewater rafting on the Ocoee.
   And we’ll haves some Wildwater Rafting tickets to give away, Wednesday night on Prime News @ 7.

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