Meigs Co Must Replace One of the School’s Best Ever Players

Meigs County has been one of the top high school football teams in our area the last few seasons, but now the Tigers must hit the field without one of the area’s top players.

Quarterback Aaron Swafford was the Tiger King at Meigs County.
He won over 50 games in four years, and he got the Tigers to the state title game last season.
Now Swafford is gone.
Said head coach Jason Fitzgerald:”What Aaron did for us is just unbelievable the last four years. The leader he was. Knowing on Friday nights he wasn’t going to lose a football game.”
So yeah, the Meigs County offense will be a little different this year.
Said Fitzgerald:”You know I don’t think you’ll see as many quarterback runs. Most of the time you don’t run your quarterback 20 times a game. The ball will be. Something different for us the ball will be spread out a little more this year than it was in the previous couple of years.”
Reporter:”What’s going to be the number one key to y’all’s success in getting back to state this year?”
Said running back Will Meadows:”Right now coach is preaching getting into shape.”
Reporter:”Why do you think that is?”
Meadows:”Because we are out of shape right now.” (laughter)
Said Fitzgerald:”I don’t think we have as much depth as we have had in the past. Have to play a few more kids both ways this year than we have in the past.”
Said lineman Malachi Hayden:”The biggest challenge? Probably seeing if we can bond as a team because if we don’t bond, we ain’t going to make it very far.”
It will be a challenge to return to the state title game for Meigs county, but it won’t be their biggest challenge.
Said Fitzgerald:”As bad as you want to get to a state championship game, you’re goal this year is just to have a season hopefully. That’s the goal. Your goals have to change a little bit.”

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