Meigs resolution would ask TWRA to change their Silver Carp prevention plan

Sign the petition to prioritize barriers at Chickamauga and Watts Bar lakes

DECATUR, Tennessee (WDEF) – The push to crack down on Asian carp at our two local dams goes before the Meigs County Commission this week.

It’s a resolution to asking the TWRA to move their Silver Carp barrier replacement plan further upstream.

Silver carp are the most common variety of the invasive Asian carp.

They currently have infested Kentucky Lake on the Tennessee River and are moving upstream.

You’ve probably seen the videos of the silver carp jumping out of the water whenever a motor disturbs them.

Wildlife officials say the invaders eat up the resources for our native fish.

A TVA study found that the economy on Kentucky Lake has dropped more than 50% since the carp invasion.

Right now, TWRA is planning to install bioacoustics barriers (sound barriers) at the locks of dams to keep them from travelling upstream.

But their plan will stop at Watts Bar dam.

The petition supporters want them to prioritize the Chickamauga and Watts Bar barriers now, to keep the carp from making it further upstream.

There have already been some reports of silver carp on Chickamauga.

The group says Meigs County stands to lose $157 million if the carp take over our stretch of the Tennessee.

The Meigs Commission will consider the resolution Thursday at 7PM.

You can sign an online petition for the barrier change by clicking here.


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