Meigs Women Hurt Trying to Save Pet From a Pit Bull Attack

MEIGS COUNTY, TN (WDEF-TV) – A Meigs county pet owner says its an image that will stay in her mind forever.
She was bitten during a futile attempt to save her small dog from a neighbor’s pit bull.
Joanne says—to make matters worse, she was afraid for a while she would have to take rabies shots.

JOANNE KOZUCK, TEN MILE, TN. RESIDENT "So, when I seen the dog come, he went right for Casey. The next thing I know I’m headed up there but the dog has already got Casey in his mouth and he’s just shaking him like a rag doll…and all I can see when I shut my eyes is that."

Its a pet owners worst nightmare–the death of the family member right in front of your eyes. Casey was on a 20 foot leash in front of her home when the pit bull mix attacked him. Kozuck tried to get the big dog to turn loose and was herself attacked. Ms. Kozuck took the Yorkie to a vet where it died.

JOANNE KOZUCK "They told need to go the emergency room. I mean this was out like this..I had blood all over me…I hadn’t even thought of me….had not thought that anything would happen to me…I was so concerned about my baby."

The owner of the dog, a neighbor, came and took it away, but later told sheriff’s officers it had run away.

BRIAN MALONE, CHIEF DEPUTY. MEIGS CO. SHERIFF’S DEPT. "At this point, the investigation is still on-going….looking at possible charges, civil options may be open for the victim of the dog bite, too."

Kozuck then discovered she had another problem.

JOANNE KOZUCK "Then the state health department calls me out of Chattanooga ..another guy from the health department calls me and tells me I have a 10 day window to start rabies shots if that dog can’t be found."

BRIAN MALONE, CHIEF DEPUTY "We combine efforts with the health department here to quarantine the dogs for 10 days after a possible bite, or a bite incident…keep an eye on the dog during those 10 days."

Officers say they found out later that the pit bull was being kept in a shed at the neighbor’s home for the last 10 days.
At present there are no charges against the owner, but he told officers the animal did have its rabies vaccination.

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