Memorial Day at National Cemetery Draws Record Crowd

There was a record turn-out this morning for the official Memorial Day ceremony at the National Cemetery.
The residents of then Chattanooga area experienced the loss of service members last year with the terrorist-inspired attack on two locations in the city.
Five men died —and they were part of those remembered this morning.

There was standing room only as residents from all over the tri-state are and Tennessee valley came to the National cemetery to take part in the official ceremony.
Nationwide there are nearly 4-million service members, including those from every war and conflict, buried in the 134 national cemeteries like this one.
After a concert by the 82-member Memorial Honor Band, the audience heard from the keynote speaker–Congressman Chuck Fleischmann of Chattanooga.

REP. CHUCK FLEISHMANN, (R) TN 3RD DISTRICT “We will never ever forget those who are fallen and those that will fall in the future because we are the greatest nation the United States of America …God Bless each and every one of you all, God Bless the United States of America …and God Bless all of the fallen….(applause) .”

Retired navy captain Mickey McCamish is chairman of the Chattanooga Area Veteran’s council.

CAPT. MICKEY MCCAMISH, USN (RET) ” I know that the atmosphere in Chattanooga, after July the 16th…patriotism is very high and I think it showed today…with the numbers of people that turned out here today.”

The observance was also special to many in the audience—like Gold Star wives and Gold Star mothers.
They lost husbands and sons in war.

BARBARA GLAZE, DALTON, GOLD STAR MOTHER “So many times the widows are silent, what they call the silent heroes. But we have said we’re not going to be silent anymore. We’re going to step forward and we’re going to honor our past and we’re going to look forward to a very peaceful future.”

REP. CHUCK FLEISCHMANN (in:00:03:02) “All the veteran’s holidays are special but Memorial Day is the day that we need to stop and really think what these people have given their lives so that we can remain free in the greatest country in the world.”

The observance closed with the traditional playing of Taps.

Other Memorial Day ceremonies this weekend and today were held in Cleveland, Ringgold and in Trenton.

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