Remembering Sandy the Flower Man

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The community is mourning the loss of a man who was a fixture in downtown Chattanooga.

At Classic Cabinetry, owner Becky Worley is thinking about Oterious “Sandy” Bell, also known as Sandy the Flower Man. He recently passed away. For years he was known for spreading joy by selling flowers in downtown Chattanooga.

He also washed windows and did other work at businesses along Broad Street, like Classic Cabinetry.

“I don’t think he ever asked me for a handout, but he always wanted to do some work. He would say I am short of money or I don’t have enough money for groceries this week, can I wash your windows or whatever. So after a few months of occasional drop ins we developed a regular relationship where he was here once or twice a week,” Worley said.

Worley admires Sandy the Flower Man’s outlook on life.

“In all of his struggles and with everything that he had to deal with. He was never never done. He stayed positive about everything,” Worley said.

Over at Fox and Fern, owner Liza Greever is thinking about Bell.

“He is not a florist, but that is how he expressed his gratitude for the community. So I thought that was special,” Greever said.

She remembers the first time she met Bell.

“That is how my husband and me, when we went on our first date at Pickle Barrel, he bought me a flower from Sandy. It is just that kind of Chattanooga romance,” Greever said.

As people across Chattanooga remember Bell, Worley wishes everyone was more like him.

“If we could all just have the outlook on life that Sandy has, it would truly be a much better place,” Worley said.

If you are interested in helping Bell’s family with funeral costs, click here.


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