Memphis Drive resident grateful for pump station’s closure

Said streets would flood with sewage, manholes would overflow

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — Chattanooga retiree Ronnie McGill described it as if a battle had been won.

For the first time in more than three decades, he and the fellow residents of Memphis Drive here in Chattanooga won’t have to worry about rampant sewage flooding their neighborhood.

“Our prayers [were] answered out here,” McGill said. “That’s for sure.”

For years, residents of Memphis Drive have had at least one thing in common:

They’ve all suffered through overflowing manholes and sewage flooding into their yards from a troubling pump station at the end of the street.

But now, after years of going in front of city council, it’s a problem they won’t have to deal with anymore.

This thing is destroyed,” McGill said. “It’s gone. I don’t know what they’re going to do with the property, but I’m just glad the pump station [isn’t] out here [any] more, that’s for sure. I fought this thing for 35 years and my neighbors … we finally won. We won the victory.”

McGill said that after years of wastewater flooding into his and his neighbor’s homes, he’ll finally be able to fully enjoy his property.

“The new pump station is down on Rivermont [at] Dixie Circle,” McGill said. “I can sit in my gazebo and don’t have to worry about mosquitoes anymore because there won’t be [any] more bubbling sewage out here like it was in the past.”

The retiree was also grateful to former Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke, giving him credit for the station’s closure.

“That was one thing I can say Andy Berke did for our community,” McGill said. “He got rid of this thing — [he] and the governor.”

McGill said the pump station’s removal is nothing short of a blessing and that he hopes his neighbors enjoy having a cleaner street at the end of the day.

News 12 Now attempted to contact Chattanooga Public Works for further details, but was unsuccessful in doing so before this story’s premiere.

We look forward to speaking with them and will provide updates once available.

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