Memphis Zoo welcomes baby anteater

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) – A baby Southern tamandua has become the latest youngster to join the ranks of animals at the Memphis Zoo.

The Commercial Appeal reports the baby hasn’t yet been named because its sex is still unknown.

It was born in February to first-time parents.

tamandua (1)

The mother and her newborn are on exhibit in the “Animals of the Night” building in the zoo.

Southern tamanduas are a toothless subspecies of anteaters. They use their large tongues, some 15 inches long, to eat an average of 9,000 ants a day.

Zoo officials say these tamanduas are known as “the stinkers of the forest,” due to their off-putting smell that’s said to be four times worse than the odor of a skunk. Tamanduas have lived in the Memphis Zoo since 1999.

*Photos via CBS / Memphis Zoo

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