Mentors help Chatt Prep students

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Students at Chattanooga Preparatory School are getting a helping hand to look at their future.

Mentors from across the area are helping the young men see possible career paths, and get some guidance to succeed.

Montrell Besley is the Director of Community Engagement at the school.

“These are people that have a passion for what we are doing. Some of them have kids that have grown up and gone on. And some have kids that are in other schools. Some have kids that haven’t even gotten to school age yet. So these are just men in the community that love what we are doing at Chatt Prep.”

Ken Jones is one of the mentor volunteers.

He hopes his life experiences can help guide the students.

“There are just some things that I feel like that I can offer these young people to help put them in a situation to be successful.”

The students are happy to have the extra help from an adult.

Ashton Jordan is a 7th grader at Chattanooga Preparatory School.

“It showed me that they cared for us. And that they wanted us to really be at the top and never stop. And keep going.”

The mentors are doing all they can to help the young men succeed at school, and in life.

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