Microbiologist weighs in on cleaning products to use against coronavirus

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — A microbiologist from our area weighs in, after the EPA releases a list of products to use against coronavirus.

At the cleaning section of the store, there are lots of products to choose. The EPA recently listed several ones like bleach, peroxide and Clorox, that can be used against coronavirus.

UTC microbiology professor Dr. Henry Spratt says it is not complete.

“It doesn’t tell you what the active ingredient is in those disinfectant. Some of them is obvious if it said bleach, then you know hypochlorous acid is bleach or if it is peroxide it is hydrogen peroxide,” Dr. Spratt said.

He says in other cases, it wasn’t listed.

“The other big category would probably be included in those are called. And they are in everything, they are in hand soap.”

He adds sometimes people don’t properly clean.

“You are suppose to leave the surface wet for a minute to a minute and a half and that is a long time. If it dries out in that period of time that may not be effective you may need to add some more to it. But that means that the area you are disinfecting has to stay wet for that time,” Dr. Spratt said.

If you don’t follow the manufacturers’ directions, you won’t see results.

“You may not properly kill the agents you are targeting. So for viruses, the COVID-19 virus you really do want to make sure you are following those directions.”

When using disinfectants, experts recommend you be careful and wash your hands.

Click here for the EPA’s list.

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