Middle Valley Elementary Parents Concerned After Suicide Awareness Video

HIXSON, Tennessee (WDEF)- Parents from Middle Valley Elementary School are upset about a suicide awareness video that was shown at the school earlier this week.

An SRO showed fourth grade students a video that left one little girl visibly upset. We talked to her parents about how this situation could have been handled differently.

A concerned 4th grade parent says her daughter was uneasy after she watched the video. “She said, ‘I’m just really nervous, really nervous.’ I said well do you know what you’re nervous about? and she said ‘no, my tummy just feels weird. I just feel really wrong.'”

These are the thoughts from a nine year old at Middle Valley Elementary School after she saw a suicide awareness video at school earlier this week.

Her parents were upset that they didn’t have the opportunity to have the very realistic conversation with their child first.

Her mom says this, “We do have to talk about it at this day and age younger and younger but, we should have been able to communicate that to her first. Rather than it being thrown on her and coming home and being like, ‘Mommy, I didn’t even know that people felt like this.'”

According to the parents, this whole situation brought light on another student that may have been having suicidal thoughts.

The students father says, “One of the first things when I heard of this, like the very first thing. I thought about the kid that said that he had thought about doing it. I talked about how it broke my heart that there was actually a fourth grader in this community um that had had these thoughts. It makes you think about what conversations that you should and should not be having with your kids.”

These concerned parents want other parents to know that this should be a wake up call. “For us, I know that it’s just a reminder and I think that it should be for everybody that no matter what you have going on, make sure that your children can tell you whatever. Whether it be big things or small things no matter what it is.”

We reached out to Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office and they said this about the incident.

“The HCSO has been made aware that some concerns were raised by parents of children at Middle Valley Elementary after an SRO delivered a training on Childhood Suicide Prevention to a group of students. The HCSO School Resource Officer Division is working with the HCDE to discuss any concerns from both school administrators and/or parents in order to ensure this type of training is conducive and beneficial to all students particularly due to the sensitive nature of the topic the training seeks to address. 

 The HCSO would like to remind our community that each day in schools throughout the HCDE system, our as part of their role and responsibilities, SRO’s teach trainings that address a variety of sensitive topics from the importance of leadership and being responsible citizens to bullying prevention and awareness, how to respond to law enforcement personnel after being pulled over, and drug abuse awareness. Each of these classes, and many others, are designed to help give children/students the tools and insight to grow up to be responsible, law abiding citizens.”

Middle Valley Elementary School is holding another parent meeting on Monday morning.

Parents can also reach out to the principal to answer any questions that they might have.

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