Middle Valley Flooding

HIXON, Tenn. (WDEF)- The excess flooding in Hixson has some homeowners on edge.

Streets flooded.

Traffic rerouted.

And a basement that was submerged in water.

“You know this is reoccurring. This is reoccurring” said local resident Robert White.

White said he’s had to pay thousands of dollars in pumping water and remodeling after recent floods have ruined a portion of his home. “The actual cost is going to be about 12 to 15 thousand dollars to water proof all of this.”

He said he didn’t have these issues until a recent construction site popped up in the the area. “Prior to the development it was something that wasn’t necessary.”

His neighbor Charles Henderson said he doesn’t see it getting any better as development continues. “When you put the rest of these houses and concrete in there, It’s going to get even worse. I’ve never seen Boy Scout Road flood under these circumstances before.”

And over in the Southland Pointe neighborhood, backyards are overwhelmed with water.

The ducks were loving it, but Butch Oakley, not so much. “It’s like a lake, like a pond. It attracts kids and I’m afraid one of them is going to drown one of these days. I hope that never happens.”

His message to the local government and developers.

“Pay attention to what’s going on and take care of the water. They should do that anyway.The county engineer should make sure they do it.”

Local developer in the area Jason Farmer said the construction company is doing everything within the guidelines of the county government. “We have a set of standards applied by the county, by the Tennessee Department of environmental conservation, and we apply those standards.”

He said their develop has no affect on Robert White or any of his neighbors.

“I’m aware of Mr. White’s issue but he’s upstream from us. It’s an issue that he has with a neighbor. it doesn’t have anything to do with our development.”

I’ve reached out to other developers in the area but have not received a response.


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