Mike Mike Baxter Posting Highlight Reel Runs For CCS

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Despite playing only seven regular season games, CCS running back JaMichael Baxter still rushed for over a thousand yards with 14 touchdowns. And it seems like all of Mike Mike’s scores are made for the highlight reel.

In back-to-back weeks, Mike Mike Baxter has produced a 90-yard touchdown run. That’s rare. That’s boss.
Said Baxter:”I mean I know what I’m capable of. I really wasn’t that surprised when it happened. I mean I know what I’m capable of, so it wasn’t too surprising.”
And the 90-yarder against Knox Webb was no gimme.
Said Baxter:”So I saw the linebacker. He was only one-on-one, so I just dropped my shoulder. Hope for the best, and I saw open field in front of me after that, so I just kept going.”
Said head coach Mark Mariakis:”The last two or three weeks he has just kind of really stepped up. I think part of that is our line is growing up. We are young offensive linemen.”
Mike Mike is only 5’6, but he runs like Iron Mike.
Said Mariakis:”You know I call him a walking muscle because he’s just so rock hard.”
Said quarterback Sam Hall:”It’s probably hard for people to tackle him because you have to get low, but he can get low also and run you right over.”
Said Baxter:”He’s a track sprinter, so he has the break away speed, but his legs, his thighs, and hips are so powerful.
And what about that name. Mike Mike.
Said Baxter:”Well I played little league when I was about four years-old. That’s when I started. My coaches. Then never remembered our names. So he was like, you know what, we’re going to call you Mike Mike.”
Reporter:”How cool is the name Mike Mike?”
Said Hall:”Uh it’s pretty cool. I wish I had a name like Mike Mike.”
Reporter:”He keeps rushing for close to 300 a game, would you be willing to go by Mark Mark?”
Said Mariakis:”(Chuckles) Yeah. I’ll call him anything he wants, if he keeps getting 300 yards a game. But yeah, he’s a special kid.”

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