Miller Plaza is Getting A Major Make-Over

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Miller Plaza is one step closer to getting a major make-over.

That’s, in part, thanks to city council members who approved a bid during a session this evening.

Council members say they’re getting ready to start working on the new and improved Miller Park in the next few months, but first bids must be placed to fund the project.

Chattanooga city Council members say pretty soon, Miller Park won’t be so empty.

Moses Freeman, City Councilman, stated, “We otta get started doing this park sometime around the early spring. Uh I’d say first of March.”

This evening, council members approved a bid from the Lyndhurst Foundation, which will go towards funding the new project downtown.

“It will be more dynamic uh and will entice more people to come and uh hang out in the park, participate in activities in the park and to see the performances and that sort of thing,” said Freeman.

According to city councilman Moses Freeman, the plan is to level the ground in the Park, to create easier access for those who want to enjoy the scenery.

“So it’ll be you know on part–on line with the street. Right now it’s in a sunken hole and uh when people are down in there they can’t be seen and they can’t see out as well,” said Freeeman.

The city has already given more than 4 million to fund the project, which is estimated to cost around 8 million dollars, including street changes that will offer a direct connection from the Park to Miller Plaza.

“So that’s gonna be a, a dynamic area of our city, now where it’s more laid back if you will, and uh we believe it’s gonna be a park that everybody will like because they’ve had some input as to what it will be,” said Freeman.

The new project has been in the works for a little more than 18 months now, with council members working directly with city leaders and local residents to make sure it’s done right.

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