Millions of Kids who suffer from Concussions receive no Medical Treatment

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – A new study released Monday said nearly 2 million children suffer from concussions from sports or other play related activities.

Of  those 2 millions thousands receive no medical treatment.

Physicians at Children’s hospital at Erlanger says they see at least 2 traumatic brain injuries a day.

“In the state of Tennessee on the high school level it is unlike a lot states, it’s not mandatory every high school has a certified athletic trainer either in employed or either servicing that school”, said Dr. Bill Moore Smith, a physician at Erlanger Sports and Health.

The study is based on data from 2013 from medical offices, hospitals, and high schools across the country.

Dr. Moore Smith said there are many warning signs if someone has a concussions.

“Headaches, confusion, photo phobia, or light sensitivity, nausea. One of the concerns in the summer is kids are notoriously dehydrated so it does seem to make a concussion more likely.”

Dr. Moore Smith said football is the number one cause for concussions in children.
Women’s soccer is number two wrestling and basketball follow.

Concussions don’t always have to be contact related, it could be a quick turn of the head.

Summit Physical Therapy has a new device called the Brain Gauge, for those who may be suffering from a concussion.

“We can actually determine how bad was that hit, how many hits has he had. And you know what the effect of that”, said Dr. Moore Smith.

The computer application uses a hand device that vibrates at different levels to determine what part of the brain might be injured.

“It also is used for determining what the person’s brain function is after they’ve had a traumatic brain injury. Working through the progression…making sure they’re not showing any adverse signs of symptoms we’re working on healing the brain”, said physical therapist  Matthew Carbone.

The C-D-C is working towards creating a system to track concussion rates and trends in children and adults.

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