Mindfulness during COVID

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee- The past year has been a difficult for a variety of reasons. One of those difficulties has been on people’s mental health.

“People being isolated, staying inside, working from home, having to parent while working from home. We just kept hearing request for some support to help through the pandemic,” said Cooper.

Dory Cooper said Center for Mindful Living focuses on helping people from all background with their stress levels and the benefits of mindfulness.

“Our whole mission is to help educate the community on mindfulness techniques so that’s anything from meditation to movement to working alongside therapist to help with anxiety and Depression.

She said life is hard and covid has been hard on a lot of families. So, they created a covid series to help people through these turbulent times. The series is a once a month program, lasting for six months.

“We’ve got one on creating a mindful space while working from home or at the office. So that’s been a concern we’ve heard from a lot of folks. Creating a more productive and stress-free environment whether that’s your new home office or working from somewhere or you might be worried about exposure,” said Cooper.

Programs range from how to deal with life’s changes during covid to how to parent during a pandemic.

“Helping parents just sort of navigate all those changes that we’ve seen through the pandemic. Ways to tell your kids about what’s going on. Ways to multitask and parent in a new world and how to deal with any family challenges or struggles you may be having with your immediate family or your larger family and just offer a group for folks to share their concerns and offer guidance,” said Cooper.

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