Mocs Basketball Teams Gear Up for the NCAA

Spring break just kicked off for UTC students, but the break hasn’t started quite yet for the both the men’s and women’s Mocs basketball teams as they prepare for the NCAA tournament.

UTC sophomore, Olivia Henninger, said she’s proud to call herself a Moc.

“To hear again, that our basketball team has kind of climbed to the top is just kind of crazy and exciting.”

The Chattanooga Mocs are gearing up for March Madness, said David Blackburn Vice Chancellor and Director of Athletics.

“They won the regular season and won the tournament, the Southern Conference tournament.”

The Mocs are no stranger to the tournament, but this year there’s something that’s never happened before in the school’s history.

Both the men’s and women’s teams are going to the championship game,

The men’s and women’s basketball teams are hoping to bring people to their watch parties to see where and who they will be playing against in the first round at the national championship game.

The school is having a watch party on Sunday in University Center auditorium.

Blackburn said the NCAA committee chooses who they the Mocs teams will play.

“There’s a committee for both sides that looks at your record, who you’ve played, your RPI, and they seed you accordingly and then they send you to different locations.”

Blackburn said the school is set to gain national exposure.

CBS is going to cover us LIVE…so it’s great exposure for our city and for our campus a”

And that exposure can lead to big things not just for the team but for the school. Typically you get 8-13% increase in your application renewals whether you’re an athlete or not. You get your name out there for 7, 8, 10 days…beyond what you normally would get. you’re on TV quite a bit…”

The longer the Mocs are able to stay in the tournament means more money for the school.

Blackburn said the players are feeling a variety of emotions.

“Little bit of anxiety about where they’re going…who they’re going to play. they’re feeling a lot of excitement…joy. proud of what they’ve accomplished.”

The men’s basketball watch party begins at 5:30 on Sunday in the University Center Auditorium.

The women’s watch party will be on Monday evening.

Both events are open to the public.


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