Mocs Football Coordinators Go High-Low to Call Games

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) In college football, sometimes you see coordinators on the field.
Other times they’re in the press box.
But does it really matter where they view the game?
The Mocs explain their coordinator game day locations.

High or low? Where do you go? Mocs head coach Rusty Wright believes it’s a coordinator’s preference.
Said Wright:”I want them to be comfortable. Everybody is a little different when it comes to that. Every staff is a little different when it comes to that.”
Mocs defensive coordinator Lorenzo Ward likes being on the field, while Mocs offensive coordinator Joe Pizzo prefers the press box.
Said Pizzo:”The advantages to being up top is most of the boxes have really good food. You get an unlimited supply of water. There’s Cokes. There are refreshments. If it’s raining outside or it’s snowing outside, I’m inside, and I’m warm. That’s the real advantage of being up top. (chuckles) But no realistically, you can see everything from up there. It’s like watching tape during the week.”
Said Ward:”I think there are some advantages to being in the box. I think there are some advantages to being on the field as well. For me myself, I like being able to see the players and look in their eyes and be able to tell what we need to do to make the adjustments.”
Pizzo believes personality can influence the decision as well.
Said Pizzo:”When you are calling a game as a coordinator, you’ve got to do your best to stay even-tempered, and that’s not me. I’m not that guy. I’m going to be the maniac on the sideline when things don’t go right, and you don’t want to be that way on game day. Then Coach Wright, we’ve got a very charismatic coach on the sideline. Me and him both on the sideline probably would not be a good mix so.”
You may have the view, some drinks, and A/C up top, But sometimes it’s not always an advantage.
Said Wright:”Old mini-dome in Johnson City. One guy used to have to sit outside the press box with his headphones on because there wasn’t enough space in there. Old Chamberlain Field was interesting. If you didn’t watch out, and they didn’t turn the air conditioner on for the first game, you’d have a swarm of bees come out and get you that first football game.”
Said Pizzo:”We’re playing Jacksonville University. Jacksonville, Florida. Their press box was a trailer. Then they had both sets of coaches were on top of it. So their coaches were on one side, and we were on the other side. So as we are speaking right now, I could hear their defensive calls, and they could hear my offensive calls.”

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