Mocs Football Players Josh Freeman and Keionta Davis Mentoring At-Risk Kids at Y-Cap

Chattanooga-(WDEF) Two Mocs football players have landed summer jobs as camp counselors.

But it’s more than just summer fun.
They’re mentoring at-risk kids with the Chattanooga Y-Cap program.
   Mocs defensive end Keionta Davis and Mocs defensive lineman Josh Freeman both admit their involvement with Y-Cap has given them a new perspective on their lives.
Said Davis,"You see where they come from in life, and you’re like oh, everybody doesn’t have it like you have it. It kind of makes you want to help them out."
Added Freeman,"I think just hearing about some of these kids stories makes you kind of rethink your situation and your story. You’re thankful for what you do have."
Said Y-Cap director Joe Smith,"So many children today don’t have young men in their life. A lot of them are being raised by single mothers and grandmothers. They just don’t have a good, adult male role model in their life. So what a better way than to connect by bringing in a young football player."
    Freeman relishes the chance to be that role model.
"I have a psychology major, and I would like to work with counseling children after I graduate. So I guess this is a great start on that."
    The Mocs duo provide counseling on more than just games.
Said Smith,"They’re mainstream as far as our staff goes. We have a summer reading program, a summer math program, and they’re helping with that. We have our wood shop going where they’re learning woodworking. We have art therapy going on. So they’re involved in every aspect of our program."
    And even though it’s not football, Freeman and Davis still endure a few hits and tackles.
Said Davis,"Can I get on your back? I’m like hold on now, I don’t know about that. It’s a good feeling. They look up to me. They think I’m thirty or something like that. They thought I was a coach, and I was like, no, I’m not a coach. I still play football."
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