Mocs Introduce Tom Arth as New Head Football Coach

Chattanooga-(WDEF) A new chapter in Mocs football was unveiled today as UTC introduced John Carroll’s Tom Arth as their new head coach.
He comes to Chattanooga as the reigning Division three national coach of the year after taking his team to the semi-finals of the D-3 playoffs this season.
Said Mocs athletic director David Blackburn:”I would like for you to please welcome the next football coach at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. Coach Tom Arth.” (applause)
Tom Arth is a name unfamiliar to Mocs fans, but athletic director David Blackburn believes he’s the right man for the job.
Said Blackburn:”People get tied up in names. Big names and many of the big names are great, but I think you have to look past the name and look at the engine if you will. Look at the motor.”
Said Arth:”If you know anything about me and what I hope you all learn about me is that there is nobody in the world that is more competitive than me.”
Arth takes over a program that has been to the playoffs three years in-a-row.
Said Arth:”I would also like to thank Coach Russ Huesman for leaving such an incredible legacy of success. And I have the great honor and the great obligation to not only uphold those standards, but to improve on them and to build on them.”
To continue that success, Arth will begin selling his coaching philosophy to the players.
Said Arth:”Once they know that we care about them. Once they know that they can trust us. Once they know how smart our staff is, they’re going to fall right in, and we’ll be able to pick up right where Coach Huesman left off.”
Blackburn knows Peyton Manning and Arth served as a back-up quarterback to Manning at Indy, but Blackburn says Manning did not have any influence on Arth’s hiring.
Reporter:”Was there a mutual relationship with Peyton Manning that had any influence on it?”
Said Blackburn:”No not at all. That’s an urban myth.” (laughter)
Said Arth:”I’ve got notebooks. Notebooks full of everything that I’ve learned from Peyton.”
Arth is ready to fill up his own notebook with this next big challenge in his life.
Said Arth:”What this opportunity presents at Chattanooga is to really step outside my comfort zone and to really push myself.”

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