Mocs Must Adjust to the New and Unique SoCon Women’s Basketball Schedule

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) The UTC Women’s basketball team will experience a new SoCon schedule this year. The Mocs will play the same conference opponent twice in three days in the same arena. It’s a SoCon twist to hopefully combat COVID.

Sometimes you gotta play it safe to win, so why not try and play it safe with your schedule during a pandemic.
Said head coach Katie Burrows:”But the idea of playing the back-to-back opponents is less exposure in a week’s time whereas if you play your travel like your two travel partners, then you end up exposing like four teams are getting exposed to one another in one weekend. You could knock out half of your conference with one positive.”
Yes it will be weird playing the same team twice in three day on the same court, but there are a few perks.
Said Burrows:”Well the assistant coaches love it because they get to get their scouts done all in one weekend. They don’t have to worry about them again until the tournament.”
Said forward Anna Walker:”But I think it will help a lot just with like preparation. Just because like we just have to prepare a lot for just two games, and then we’re done with that team until obviously like the conference tournament and stuff.”
Said guard Dena Jarrells:”I’m able to study film more. I won’t have just one day to prepare, especially coming off like ball screens and stuff. You can see what they’re going to do most of the time. I feel like that’s a big, big thing with us because one, we run a lot of ball screens, so we’re going to know why they guard them.”
Perhaps the biggest challenge will occur if you win the first game big, and then you still have to get motivated for a quick turn-around against the same club.
Said Walker:”We’re going to have to definitely for sure just even if we do let’s say win by twenty, we’re going to have to shake it off and forget about it until the next game. Just because we can’t come in too confident. So yeah that will definitely be hard mentally just having two games back-to-back.”
Could this new schedule become a trend? Probably not, but Burrows is ready to roll with it.
Said Burrows:”I don’t think it’s something I want to do all the time moving forward. (chuckles) But it will be fun to do something different I think. You know I think COVID has taken a toll on everybody just everyday. Several of us coaches have talked, and we say these things. Everyday we get to step out on the court is a win. You’re getting to have that opportunity to compete.”

The U-T-C women’s first Southern Conference game is set for January 9th as Chattanooga entertains E-T-S-U.

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