Mocs Ready to Turn the Page With 2018 Season

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) After going to the playoffs three years in-a-row, the Mocs stumbled hard last season finishing with a losing record. No wonder they’re anxious for their new season to get underway on Thursday as they entertain Tennessee Tech.

A 3-8 record in your first year as a team’s head coach can lead to plenty of reflection.
Said head coach Tom Arth:”That was a very positive experience in my life. Something that really helped me grow. That really challenged me in ways that I had never been challenged before.”
Reporter:”How frustrating was it for the team that they won only one home game last year.”
Said receiver Bingo Morton:”It was pretty difficult, but I mean that was last season. We have a lot ahead of us this year, and I feel like we can turn the tables on that.”
Reporter:”How nice would it be to start a season 1-0?”
Said defensive lineman Derek Mahaffey:”That’s the goal. Every week we try to start 1-0.”
And coach Arth likes his chances of starting 1-0.
Said Arth:”We’ve had great practices. We’ve had a great attitude. We’ve played with great effort. We’re running to the ball on defense like I’ve never seen a defense run to the ball.”
Arth hasn’t named his starting quarterback yet. It will either be Nick Taino or Chris James. But Arth understands why everyone wants to know about his quarterback.
Said Arth:”I don’t think there’s anything quite like football in terms of how important every player on the field is. But within football, I don’t know if there’s a more important position than quarterback. Most coaches probably don’t want to give that information up until they have to. I do find it funny that people keep asking those questions, and knowing they are not going to get an answer.”
Season openers can sometimes be jittery especially for new guys, but Derek Mahaffey has come sound advice.
Said Mahaffey:”Hey man. Just relax.”
Reporter:”How do you relax?”
Said Mahaffey:”Just go to your happy place.”
Reporter:”What’s your happy place?”
Said Mahaffey:”(Exhales) I don’t know. It just depends on the day.” (laughter)

The Mocs host Tennessee Tech at 7pm on Thursday at Finley Stadium.

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