Mocs Unveil Their New Adidas Football Uniforms

Chattanooga-(WDEF) Fashion show at UTC, as the Chattanooga football team unveiled their new uniforms. Head coach Russ Huesman admits he doesn’t have much fashion sense, but he believes fans and players will like the look of his team’s new uniforms.

   The Chattanooga Mocs were proud to show off their new uniforms thanks to their new partnership with Adidas. The sleeves got the attention of head coach Russ Huesman.
"I thought those things were cool, and the different designs that Adidas could do. I don’t know if you guys can see it, but it does say Chattanooga. (on the sleeves)
    The Mocs were already wearing Adidas shoes.
Now Huesman says the full Adidas makeover has already benefited the team where it counts most.
"I think a lot of the recruits were extremely excited about it, so we’ve been using the fact that we’re going to be Adidas for a couple of years now. Again if the players like it, like how it feels, like how it looks, then you’ve hit a homerun."
   Chrome helmets have been gaining some popularity in college football, but not with Coach Huesman.
"We’ve got a white helmet that we’ve won two (SoCon) championships with. We’re wearing white helmets this year. So anybody that has any kind of suggestions or ideas about helmets, don’t come to me because those helmets will be on our football team."
    Which combo the Mocs decide to wear will likely be decided by how they play.
"We won a game, a big game. I can’t remember, but the players will remember. We won in blue pants. And the guys said we’re going to wear them again, and we won again. I think if you’ll remember, we wore blue pants probably out of the 14 games, probably eleven of them I would think."
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