Mocs Volleyball Team Making the Grade With 4.0 GPA’s

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) The Mocs volleyball team is certainly making the grade.
Of the roughly sixteen players on the team last year, six achieved a perfect 4.0 GPA, including communications major Nan Parrish and nursing major Megan Kaufman.
The other four were Mikaela Gauthreaux, Emily Plumlee, Miranda Elpers and Lindsay Farrell. Mocs coach Travis Filar is certainly digging his team’s class room success.

Said Filar:”I think for me it speaks for our culture. It’s something that myself and staff and just whole group is proud of.”
Said Kaufman:”Once you see what you’ve really achieved and all of the work that you have put in that come out to that 4.0. It’s exciting.”
Said Parrish:”I would go to class in the mornings, and I would make sure that I would block out a period of time in the afternoon before practice to get my homework done that was due that day or the next day. To just really make sure after practice I wasn’t too tired to do my work.”
Said Kaufman:”I enjoy learning. I’m really interested in the medical field. Clearly. Being a student of the game of volleyball. Being a student in the class room are things that I really enjoy.”
Said Parrish:”I think that because we are so into our school work. Because we are so mentally into it all the time that it helps us stay in the game too.”
Reporter:”What’s the weirdest place you have ever studied?”
Said Parrish:”Laying on the floor in my room with my feet up on my bed.”
Said Kaufman:”Sometimes in the locker room before other people get there. You’ll be dressed ready to go play, but quick study session at three. Practice at 3:15.”
Filar:”We get to the hotel a lot of times. We’re checking in. Immediately once they drop their bags they’re back in the lobby getting that academic work in and studying for whatever’s next.”
Said Kaufman:”Proud ot be apart of this program and working side-by-side with a bunch of girls who make time in the class room a priority and success in the class room a priority.”
Said Filar:”The things that our kids are doing. Our graduates. Our alums that we’ve recruited here, whether it’s law school. Whether it’s a pediatric oncology nurse. All the things that our alums that have come through our programs since I’ve been here. That makes me super proud as well. What they are doing in the real world too.”

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