Mom and her three puppies left as trash now recovering

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee(WDEF) – Three puppies including their mother are lucky to be alive after someone left them as trash to be picked up.

A Paw and a Prayer Animal Rescue owner Judy Butterfield is working around the clock to not only save their lives but also find homes for the abandoned dogs.

She says all four animals were left crammed inside a small covered cage. She also says the cage was purposely placed next to a garbage bin along Highway 58. Someone found the dogs and reported the finding to her.

"How could anybody have done this? Why would someone just abandon dogs like that to be thrown out like trash," Butterfield said.

The dogs were left badly dehydrated and malnourished. And now Butterfield is trying to remain optimistic about their recovery.

"There is always that chance they won’t because they are extremely emaciated. I want to get them back into good health. I would like to find them good homes. But I want people to be aware what’s out in this community"

Chattanooga Humane Educational Society, Executive Director Bob Pitrullo said this type of animal abuse is happing more often around the country.

"Too many times we see people who just discard animals like their property. A lot of it has to do with their upbringing and what they have been taught from generation to generation. They just don’t treat animals with the respect they deserve. Unfortunately, this is an example of this happening where someone can just do something like that; putting animals on the curb for garbage is outrageous," he said.

Butterfield told WDEF this isn’t the first time she’s been called about abandoned dogs and it most likely won’t be the last. But she’s hoping this news report will shed light on what animal advocates see as a growing problem.

Butterfield has several other animals that have been rescued and are now in need of a good family.

She will hold a pet adoption at the Petco on Gunbarrel Road Saturday afternoon till 5PM. She will hold a second adoption event on Sunday at the Petsmart on Gunbarrel Road.

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