Mom To Mom – 3 Reasons Why You’re Not Seeing Weight Loss

If you’re trying to lose weight and can’t figure out why you’re not getting results, here are three reasons why you may not be seeing weight loss. Amanda Nighbert, who is a registered dietician, lists these three simple reasons below.

Sometimes we overthink weight loss. Number one is you’re not drinking enough water. In order to metabolize fat, you have to have adequate hydration, so aim for half your body weight in water a day.

Number two is you’re not eating enough protein. Most people need at least half their body weight in protein. So water and protein are the same way. Again, just like water, without adequate protein, you cannot burn fat. So prioritize protein at your meals.

Number three is you’re not getting adequate sleep. Sleep is so important for recovery and weight loss, and it’s something that we overlook in the long run. Especially as we age, sleep becomes more important for weight loss.

Most people are going to need somewhere between about six to eight hours a night, but it’s really about the quality of your sleep more so than the quantity. I would prioritize nighttime sleeping the most, but a quick nap is never a bad thing.

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  • Mandy Williamson
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