Mom to Mom: Boosting Immunity

It’s back-to-school time so Dr. Meenach has some tips on keeping your kids healthy.

Dr. Meenach, “I think the most important thing is to go in with expectations of what you’re going to expect when you go into the school year, so eight to twelve colds a year is pretty typical for most kids when they first start in school. Especially into kindergarten as they get older, that gets less and less so in the middle school, high school you’ll notice less and less.”

“Things that you can do to help prevent that is, first and foremost, make sure your vaccines are up to date so every child needs a wellness check every year. At that visit they should check vaccines, so if you’re unsure you can always ask your pediatrician.”

“Little things like teaching your child to use a tissue, cover their mouths when they’re sneezing or coughing, other things like washing your hands so a child needs to learn to wash their hands for about 20 seconds. They can sing happy birthday so long it’s a fun way to do it. Other things like eating a well-balanced diet with fruits and veggies. You don’t need multivitamins.”

“Then sleep at night, so 8 to 10 hours at night for teens and 9 to 12 at night for little kids. Making sure that you get all of those things in and help prevent illness.”

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