Mom to Mom: More Cleaning Hacks with Dryer Sheets

Last week, I showed you some cleaning hacks you can use around the house using dryer sheets. I am back and I’ve got more cleaning hacks for you using dryer sheets.

It is summer time, and the kids, they are sweatier than ever. That means those smells are going around in your house. I know those smells. I have them too.

Cleaning Hacks Using Dryer SheetsSo what I have found, the dryer sheets come in such good use as an air freshener. So what I have done, is I actually put a dryer sheet inside of a vent. And every time that fan comes on, you get that wonderful dryer sheet smell.

You can also use dryer sheets as air fresheners in shoes, you can use it in drawers, and you can also use it in between your folded clothes in your closet that you don’t wear over the winter.Cleaning Hacks Using Dryer Sheets

You can also use this to remove pet hair. You can remove pet hair from your clothes, and you can also use on your furniture. Just wipe the furniture down and it removes all the pet hair.

Use Dryer Sheets as Insect RepellentThey also work as insect repellent. So during those spring and summer months when those critters and ants are coming in, you can literally stick even a used dryer sheet in a corner that you see some ants coming in, and it will repel the ants.

And also, for those dads out there that are in to washing their cars, you can use it to remove bug splats off of the front of your car.

And moms, as you know, I love those there cleaning hacks, so send those cleaning hacks that you found using dryer sheets or any other cleaning hack that you found that you want to share with those other moms out there.

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— Sarah Pannell

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