Mom To Mom – Create Chore Kits For Your Kids To Help Around the House

Here’s a nifty chore kit to get your kids helping out around the house. Kids do not like doing chores. And when they do actually do them, they run around like the Three Stooges trying to find certain things for certain areas.

I happened to come across this really cool chore kit idea that I thought would work perfectly for our family. So basically, you want to go the Dollar Tree, pick up one of these kits right here for a dollar, and then fill it with things specific to how you want things done.

I’ve got three kids, so we chose specific rooms. Like this one is for the kitchen. And then we printed these list online, which you can find anywhere. I laminated mine, just because I like for them to be able to check off each thing that they do with a dry erase marker. And then you kind of fill it with things to clean that room.

I’ve got one for the bathroom as well and one for dusting because I have a five year old and I really don’t want him handling any kind of chemicals, so dusting is a perfect little chore for him.

These are really inexpensive, super way to get your kids busy and not confused on what they’re supposed to do and it’s an all around way to get your kids helping around the house.

As a mom, I absolutely love these chore kits and we know kids are still not going to love doing those chores, but at least we’ll know they’ll be more organized doing them.

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  • Mandy Williamson
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