Mom To Mom – Create Handmade Lilies for Mother’s Day

Here’s a handmade gift you can do with your kids for Mother’s Day. This fun Mother’s Day tradition is a hit in my family, and it’s handmade, handprint lilies. Here’s what you’ll need: some pipe cleaners, construction paper, tape, scissors, pencil, and some ribbon.

Start with your kid tracing their hand on the construction paper. Do a couple. That way you can create a little bouquet. Then you want to cut them out. Take your cutout, roll it finger to finger, leaving a small hole shape at the palm. Then you’re going to tape it.

Now, you’re going to take your pencil and roll the fingers one by one, creating a lily shape. We’re going to take both our pipe cleaners, the green and the yellow, and cut them both in half. Now you’re going to take your yellow pipe cleaner and make a U-shape out of it. Then you’re going to take your green pipe cleaner and make a hook out of it. Hook it onto the yellow pipe cleaner. Bend one side of the yellow pipe cleaner down, hooking it like a little leaf.

Take the other part and just wrap it around, creating like a little pollen shape for your lilies. Take our green stem and stick it through the top of the lily, creating that flower look. You’re going to do this with each one. Then you take your ribbon, tie a nice little bow around it, and you’ve got your bouquet. Put them in a Mason jar or a glass.

Set them on a table or a countertop and boom, you got a beautiful little bouquet that will definitely last a lot longer than those real flowers.

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  • Mandy Williamson
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