Mom To Mom – Create Memories with Dad Using a Jar

Who doesn’t love a good homemade gift? Here’s how to make a building memories jar, for that special dad. It’s really easy to make. All you need to do is grab some building blocks that you can get anywhere, grab your kiddos so you can think of some fun things to do, you can decorate it however you want, and then throw them all into this fun little jar.

Mom To Mom Building Memories JarJust think of some things that your kids love to do with their dad, throw it in the jar, and then Dad can come over, pull one of these building blocks out of the jar, and whatever’s on here, they do for that day.

Moms, hopefully you and your kiddos will enjoy doing this craft for dads and hopefully you dads will love this as well. Moms, if you have any ideas, post them to our Facebook page, and be sure to check out our Mom To Mom page for more tips.

  • Mandy Williamson
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