Mom To Mom: Fitness Tips During Pregnancy

Here are some simple and easy fitness tips from expert Valerie Smorol for during and after pregnancy.

Valerie Smorol, “Before you have a baby at this point in my pregnancy I’m not able to do a ton of working out. So I really work on pelvic floor exercises and those can be found on my Instagram. MrsSmo Fitness. And I like try to put a lot of stuff out there for those ladies. So work on pelvic floor and work on getting enough water.”

Sarah Pannell, “So the after you have a baby is just as important as before.”

Valerie Smorol, “Yes. That is the most important part. So many people will start running, jumping, and just doing stuff their body’s not ready for yet.

Our pelvic floor is all essentially held up by a hammock and we want to make sure that strong first. So I will be doing my postpartum program, Smo baby and I’ll be doing that for seven weeks before I do anything else and it works on pelvic floor, breast milk supply, and then we also work on pulling in the lower TA muscles and your abs so it helps with diastasis recti.”

Sarah Pannell, “All right, so there’s some great at home things that you can do before and after that are on your website. Correct?”

Valerie Smorol, “Everything’s on my website, I have workouts always on my Instagram and then when they join smo baby, they get plenty. They get workouts and what to do every single day with nutrition for the whole seven weeks.”

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