Mom To Mom – Healthy Snacks On The Go

We’ve got some healthy snacks for when you’re on the go. It’s summer time and we seem to be on the go a lot. We’re a lot busier, kids are at home, you have vacation, you’re traveling a lot, ball games. So sometimes we tend to grab those unhealthy snacks.

Mandy Williams: Amanda Nighbert, who is a registered dietician has some healthier snack options. Why do we need to reach for these healthy snacks?

Amanda Nighbert: Most of the time when we’re grabbing those unhealthy snacks, they’re loaded with carbs and sugars and they just don’t fill you up. They make you want to overeat. So when you’re looking for a healthier snack option, you want to find something that’s got proteins and fats, which fill you up and keep you full. So these are some of my favorite ones to kind of choose and take with me. I love chomp sticks, beef sticks. Again, easy to carry along with you. A nice protein bar. Even these crunchy lentil snacks are high in protein, give you that little salt fix and you can never go wrong with some peanut butter and an apple.

Mom to Mom - Healthy SnacksMandy Williamson: All right. Now it’s just any peanut butter or is there a certain kind?

Amanda Nighbert: Yeah, absolutely. I take the whole container with me. Just bring a knife and scoop it out and eat it at the ballpark.

Mandy Williamson: So where can we find some of the better, healthier snack options?

Amanda Nighbert: Actually you can find them at gas stations, you can find them at grocery stores. I think the key is just to not expect it to be at the concession stand.

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