Mom to Mom: Cleaning Hacks Using Dryer Sheets

Here are some cleaning hacks using dryer sheets.

As you all know, I am crazy about trying to find things that make my cleaning life more simple. One thing that I have found is dryer sheets. Cleaning Hacks Using Dryer SheetsThey have so many uses, as opposed to just getting wrinkles out of those clothes. These are really great to use on those hard to dust places, such as lampshades and even those blinds and shutters that you have that you maybe clean once a year. A little fact about using dryer sheets for dusting is they have that antistatic, and that actually repels dust and keeps it dust free for longer. So it’s a win-win here, guys.

Cleaning Hacks Using Dryer SheetsSo I also use this a lot in the kitchen. You know those hard to get out stains that accumulate in your cookware? Put a dryer sheet in the bottom of this and a little bit of warm water. Soak it overnight, pour the warm water out and wipe it up. Good as new. You can also use your dryer sheets to polish your chrome faucets that you have in your kitchens and also your bathrooms. You can also use the dryer sheets for removing soap scum off of your showers, in your sink, those wonderful things that we all love to clean. Cleaning Hacks Using Dryer SheetsYou can remove toilet rings from your toilet with dryer sheets, wet it down and wipe it off. It is a miracle.

So moms, if you have any way that you guys use dryer sheets in a cool way to clean, please let me know on the Mom to Mom Facebook page.

— Sarah Pannell

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