Mom To Mom – Liven Up The Party with a Human Piñata

Here’s a pretty unique idea to take your kids party up a notch. What’s that one thing kids really love at parties? A piñata, but you don’t really have to spend a whole lot of money on one.

Mom to Mom - Human PiñataWe have a pretty unique way of bringing those piñatas to the party. This is a game called the human piñata chase. It’s really easy to make, and fairly inexpensive.

All you got to do is buy your favorite kind of candy or your kid’s favorite kind of candy, super glue it on, and then that’s when the fun begins.

To get the shirt ready, pick a shirt that you don’t mind ruining because it will get ruined. Then you want to get a hot glue gun so you can hot glue all these delicious treats to the shirt, then you’re ready to play.

Mom to Mom - Human PiñataSo, here’s how you play, and first things, first parents, there’s no sticks involved, so it’s really a lot of fun. First. You want to elect somebody to be the human pinata. So, once you have that person elected to be the piñata, you allow two to three kids to run and chase.

It’s basically like tag to see how many pieces of candy they can get off the human piñata. I give them about two minutes, then you switch it up. If the person who’s being chased gets a little tired, just elect another person to be the human piñata. Just have some fun with it. You can play with this around to see what you want to do, but I’ll tell you, it’s definitely a unique way to bring piñatas to the party.

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