Mom To Mom – Magic Jelly Beans

Now we’re making magic jelly bean buckets. This is a really fun family tradition that you’re going to want to start with your little ones around this time of year, and it’s really simple to do. The idea is to have your kids plant these magical jelly beans into edible dirt. Then, by the next morning, they’re magically turned into Blow Pops. Some things you’re going to need is an Easter-themed bucket, some cute little cupcake holders, some Blow Pops, some jelly beans, and some chocolate-covered donuts.

On day one, you want to take your bucket. I put a little plastic in mine because you don’t want to fill the entire thing up with donuts. Then you want to take your donuts, crumble them up, so it looks like your dirt, then you want to have your child come over, pick out a couple of jelly beans, and put it inside the dirt.

Now, to day two, when the fun begins. You take your Blow Pops and your cute little cupcake holders and kind of just stick it on the bottom and wrap it up like a little flower. Once you have all two or three done, you stick it in your dirt and, voila, the magic is here. You’re going to want to make sure that you do these Blow Pop flowers through the night while your child is sleeping. Then when they wake up in the morning, they have a wonderful, nice surprise.

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